Blogging is one of the most useful tools that an entrepreneur can use, as it can help to make your business better known, as well as create a better image for your business.  Blogs allow your audience to connect with you, and it allows you to gain credibility in the eyes of a customer.  Blogs affect how your company spreads through word of mouth, and increase the traffic flow to your business’s website by 55%.  Even before you have a product or business to be advertising, blogging can get your name out there so that when you do have something that you want people to buy, people already know who you are.

Those are the obvious benefits of a blog, however, there is one that often gets over-looked when you think about blogging in regards to entrepreneurs.  Blogging makes you think, and can lead you to think about what you write about from several different perspectives than you normally would.  The act of writing and researching for a blog post forces you to think about a topic more than you otherwise would, and if you want to write to several different audiences, or even to an audience that you, personally, would not be a part of, you must approach the topic differently than you would in your mind

Anyone who someday hopes to run their own company, or be an entrepreneur of any kind, should blog.  It works in the same way that writing a journal would help you to be more thoughtful in life, except it’s most likely focused on something other than your everyday life.  Even the process of thinking of an overall topic for your blog and more specific topics for each post will get your brain thinking in an entrepreneurial way.

Google Blogger is a great blogging site for a beginner blogger to use, especially for one who is simply looking to get the juices flowing.  It is an easy to use site, and is easy to personalize the layout of the blog.  You can choose between text focused blogging or photo based blogging, and have the capability to add different gadgets in order to further your purpose for your blog.

An added bonus of using Google Blogger is that it automatically shows you the analytics for your blog.  You can see how many people were on your blog site, what device they were using, what browser they were on, and how they were directed to your blog.  This information allows you to further tailor your site to your purposes.

Even if you aren’t currently involved in running a business but hope to in the future, you should be blogging, in order to generate ideas and new ways of thinking, as well as to get your name out on the web so that people are familiar with it in the future.