What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur… to break the ice so to speak? Some may argue that the proper tools are all that’s needed – others claim that it is the individual’s personal motivations and drive that will lead to success. But really it is a combination of factors that make the entrepreneur successful. Being equipped with the right tools and being motivated to use them is a start, but for a promising venture to take root – the right moment must arrive. Some have coined this as luck, others have said that there is never a right time to get started… simply to drive right in. But as an entrepreneur looking to dive into internet entrepreneurship, you must look for one key indicator: The Disruptor.

Disruption is good news. When we hear it, there is often a negative connotation… but it is what makes or breaks a business. If your business disrupts a market, you have a chance at continuing to grow your company with your steak hold in an industry. If we look at a successful launched company like The Dollar Shave Club, we see an innovation to the way business is done. Rather than you having to go to the store to buy a new razor, now the razor comes to you in the mail. This process disrupted the previous industry by introducing a new model for the product that changes the direction of travel, decreases costs and convenience to the consumer. Even if a markets demands are being met, there is an opportunity to readapt it for an internet business model.  If you can find a market that is not being capitalized on with the internet, there is an enormous amount of potential to fill the void if the market is verified.

With a company, having an idea and seeing an opportunity is only a piece of the journey. You want to be sure to verify a market… not simply assume demand or pains. Through initial ideation and a lean startup approach, you can begin interviewing potential customers, adjusting your business plans and pivoting the company’s direction to the product that will be beneficial to your end consumer and ultimately rewarding for you. By looking for opportunities to break the ice after finding your own way to be a disruptor to the market, you are well ahead in your journey of innovating and finding the right niche for your business.