Calendly is a website where you can easily tailor your events, meetings, and appointments by putting the events into your Google Calendar.  Calendly also makes it easier for the people who are trying to contact the business person.  It does this by allowing them to view the other person’s schedule and find the perfect time to meet with them.  Once this is done, the event is put into the business person’s Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal calendar and they are notified right away.

This is a great site for entrepreneurs.  They are usually busy and hard to get a hold of to set up meeting times.  However, through Calendly, people are able to see when the business person is free and set up a meeting without having to contact them directly.  Calendly acts like the middleman in this situation; it saves the people a lot of time and money.

Another reason Calendly is great for entrepreneurs is because it makes it easier for two people to cancel or reschedule meetings.  Instead of emailing and calling a person many times, this site allows people to make quick changes without all the hassle.  It also helps people be more up to date with meeting information.  This allows the entrepreneur to save time and make more money.

I would recommend Calendly because, as I have mentioned many times before, this site is the perfect time savor.  It reduces stress over emailing people over and over and playing phone tag between one another.  All a client has to do is see when the person is free, place in a time and place of when and where they want their meeting to happen, and then it is sent to the business person where they are notified without any mix-ups.  It is also nice because it is added right to the business person’s calender so they would not have to take time out of their busy day to add it in to their phone where there is the possible chance of forgetting and never putting it in.  I believe their statement to be true when they say “Simple, beautiful scheduling”.  Calendly knew what was up when they created this website.