When it comes to the climate of today’s business world, your business will not make it far unless your online presence across social media and the internet is clean, cohesive, and put together. This all comes from a well planned marketing strategy and well executed designs and visuals. However, not everyone has taken a design class or knows how advanced programs work. Grove City College entrepreneurship has a great offering of classes for design, but not everyone has the room in their schedule to add them.

Canva Options

Enter Canva, one of the most useful and user-friendly design programs out there. I cannot say enough positive things about Canva and how I’ve used it throughout my marketing internships and other opportunities. I’m no designer and Canva is the great equalizer, especially for small business owners. You may not have a budget for a specific person to run marketing efforts. Canva for entrepreneurs is a key leg up on the competition and it’s beyond simple to use.

You can become the marketing employee yourself. Canva has a free version and a paid version and these options make it possible for anyone to utilize this tool. Canva also has a wide variety of things you can make as an entrepreneur like letterhead, Instagram posts, LinkedIn banners, stories, slide decks, and more.

You don’t even have to have an incredible idea in your head to execute; you can just search the thousands of beautiful templates that are offered. Like anyone would assume, the paid version has a large amount of options available as far as templates, stickers, shapes, and design options, but even the free version is far and above other design software. Each function is available under easy to access menus and the editing interface is perfect for even beginners in design.

Even though it’s incredibly intuitive, Grove City College entrepreneurship uses Canva and shares how to expand your skills with this tool.

Canva for Entrepreneurs

Canva for entrepreneurs is also important in the sense that it builds your brand. No matter where you are in the stages of owning a business there are uses for Canva. You can set your logo and brand colors, and build a starter color pack to ensure consistency across all platforms.

Canva for entrepreneurs is also useful in that you can edit photos and have easy access to your recently used assets. This allows you to continue using the same shapes, fonts, or image that you have been using! To be a jack of all trades is incredibly valuable, and this includes increasing your design game by using Canva.