Who is Casey Neistat?

Casey Neistat is currently one of the fastest growing YouTubers, recently hitting the 5 million subscriber milestone on YouTube’s platform.  Casey is a self-made Entrepreneur, starting from ground bottom all the way to creating successful and unique entertainment daily.

Casey didn’t take most traveled route to get to where he is at today.  In fact Casey dropped out of High-school in 10th grade.  From age 17 to 20 he lived in a trailer-park with his girlfriend and son, working as dish-washer.  Casey, however, dreamed of bigger things.

Casey moved to New York City in 2001 and worked on different film projects with his brother, Van.  It was during this time that Casey taught himself film-making and became very good at it.

Casey received his first spotlight from the media and public in 2003 when he published a video titled, “iPod’s Dirty Secret”.  In the video he criticized Apple’s policy towards replacement batteries for iPods, and how it cost just as much money to purchase a whole new iPod.  His film was praised as “Wonderfully Renegade” by the Washington Post, for presenting a critical issue in a very creative way.

Casey has also worked on a number of film projects for companies such as HBO up until he launched his YouTube Channel.

Casey launched his YouTube Channel on February 15, 2010.  Casey created a variety of different films over the course of the next 5 years.  Most of his content addressed a particular issue he saw in society or something beautiful he saw.

By August 2015 Casey had reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube.  In March 2015 Casey decided to create daily vlogs about the adventures he’d have everyday in New York City.  During this time Casey helped create a video sharing named Beme, worked with companies on advertisements, and gave lectures on his experiences with film-making.

Over the course of one year, from August 2015 to August 2016 gained 3 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, totaling 4 million subscribers.  Just recently, on October 1st, 2016, Casey hit 5 million subscribers.

Casey Neistat isn’t your average hipster.  His story is inspirational.  His unique film-making and first-person entertainment style makes each his daily videos interesting and entertaining.  Casey has combined his love for adventure with his love for creative film-making and has been incredibly successful.

Casey may just rise to become the most popular YouTube vlogger.  But until then his creative content will be enjoyed by millions of Americans every day.   Casey Neistat is the man every indie film-maker admires and wants to be like.