Cold City Brew is a new E-Commerce company that is being created by a few students here at Grove City College. Karl Hartz, the CEO and the founder of the company, thought of an idea to sell cheap easy to make, cold brew coffee. The company sells primarily online with a few in person sales. They will be kicking off this homecoming with selling their first few products. The other members of the team are Jeff Cypher as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Troy Booher as the CFO (Chief Finance Officer), and me, Zack Kenyon as the CTO and the CDO (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Design Officer).

They are teaming up with the Ugandan Water Project and donating all of their profits to the charity. Cold City wants to be able to support a great cause while also running a business that provides cold brew coffee to the community. They choose The Ugandan Water Project to team up with because they are selling African coffee and know that they are a good and successful nonprofit. The Ugandan Water Project has said that if Cold City add a page of their website devoted to the Ugandan Water Project that they will help advertise the coffee. This is a great thing for their company and will be a great way for Cold City to advertise and create revenue.

The coffee is sold in kits. These kits include a tea bag full of coarsely ground coffee beans in a Mason Jar. To make the product all you need to do is put water in the jar, let it sit for 24 hours and then BOOM! Cold City Coffee! It is recommended The taste is supposed to appeal to coffee drinkers as well as non-coffee drinkers because it is less bitter than regular coffee. Due to this sometimes non-coffee drinkers don’t mind the taste as much after a bit of sweetener. Cold City Brew has given out a few samples to people to see if they like the coffee and what needs to be added.

After a few tests they have gotten good reviews. Personally, I do not drink coffee and I liked the taste after just a little bit of sweetener. Mike Hess said after having a sample “Cold City coffee isn’t like any other coffee I’ve tasted. It’s a smooth mix of traditional coffee flavor along with a hint of sweetness that allows for a very enjoyable drinking experience. The fact that it’s cold is both different and convenient. I’ve often found myself wanting coffee but it was too hot out for me to really enjoy it. But now I can have my coffee no matter what the weather is!”

Please support the Ugandan Water Project and check it out at Cold City Brew’s website and order your coffee today!