It seems all too often that we have places to be, people to see and no time to truly appreciate the things around us. Yesterday as I walked down South Broad in the small town of Grove City, a newly placed poster in a previously vacant window caught my eye. As I walked in, I was immersed in a shop filled with simplistic beauty, creativity and the fresh scent of espresso in the air. The barista greeted me with a warm smile and made my drink to perfection, while focusing on the quality of my coffee rather than treating me like just another cup. As I drank my coffee in my selected ceramic glass, I explored the vast selection of incredible works on display by local artisans throughout the room. It was today that the shop first opened its doors to the community, and today that I know it gained at least one loyal customer.

The inspiration for Collage Coffee and Art House began a year ago when Joe Funte came home after a long week at work to his wife Emily. He was frustrated that he couldn’t connect with people at work and as fate would have it… a local coffee shop went for sale on the market. As coffee lover ever since the age of 14, Joe began thinking about coffee. They purchased a commercial roaster and began roasting their own coffee beans. Although the couple didn’t buy the shop for sale, their church met in a building down the road that was also on the market. A number of those in the congregation were artisans who were looking for a way to showcase their art… and so the idea was born. To create a collage of artisans: a coffee shop that features rented showcase space for local artisans that become incorporated into one masterpiece… the Collage Coffee and Art House.

The millennial entrepreneur couple, Joe and Emily Funte both attended Grove City College, but they didn’t major in anything related to business… they were English and Music majors! The Funte’s ability to realize and meet a demand for both a place to display the work of local artisans as well as a quality coffeehouse experience offering artisan coffee at a reasonable price is how they are entrepreneurs. Their story is a great example of how anyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur, to create something new and wonderful… so that we may stumble upon more places like this…

Joe and Emily Funte


Collage Coffee and Art House
221 South Broad Street, Grove City, PA 16127
Hours: 7 am – 8 pm Wednesday through Saturday