The internet allows for an increase in the amount of businesses created. Business can be created with less money and less time because you don’t need a physical store to sell your products. However, the one thing that internet businesses miss is experience. Brick and mortar stores might be taking a hit because of eCommerce stores, but the advantage they have is the experience. However, Ecommerce sites have huge advantages themselves. One of the biggest I have noticed is customization. Consumers want to purchase things that are customized and tailored to them. Online websites allow this because consumers can design items online and find something that fits them the most. Focusing on this trend is big for those looking to start an online business.

Customization is heavily used by companies like Nike who sell different kinds of athletic footwear. Nike allows you to choose a starting shoe or cleat and design with multiple different colors and styles. This allows for a new kind of consumer experience that would be harder for brick and mortar stores to copy. Ecommerce businesses need to take full advantage of technology and what they can do that brick and mortar retailers cannot.

Product customization has been a growing trend since 2011. Although customized products cost more money it can reap higher profits because consumers are willing to pay more. Why is product customization so important? Simply because it makes consumers feel exclusive and important. Customization also helps with decision making issues with too many product choices. When a consumer is offered too many choices they may struggle to make the “right” decision. Customization also allows businesses to hit a larger market without having to expand their product line. In the long run, customization leads to more satisfaction and less cognitive dissonance.

If you’re looking to start an online business in apparel, beauty or the food and beverage industry I recommend allowing users to customize your product. Some companies that are riding the customization trend are Zazzle, NikeID and Matchco. Technology is always improving and utilizing it will lead to great entrepreneurship success. Check out these companies and see how they utilize customization. There are plenty of things that can be customized for people so figure out something that has a niche in the market and you may have a great business idea.