Design is everywhere in life. Every man-made thing requires has design in it and is intended for a purpose. Often, miscommunication or human error isn’t necessarily the users fault, but can be attributed to poor design. In fact, excellent design should blend in and feel normal, bad design is easily noticeable.

Thinking about design is a important skill for entrepreneurs, but when launching an internet business, an app, website, etc. it becomes a necessity. Not only must entrepreneurs understand their target market and design their product to match that, but entrepreneurs must have a well designed layout that works and is aesthetically pleasing. Gone are the days where a website can be laid out plainly with only the pertinent information.

Consumers demand easy to navigate websites and apps, that don’t feel cheap with Aesthetics becoming the main focus in web/app design. Functionality is still there, but a clean design will set you apart. Of course, there are exceptions like Craigslist, who do not have a need for aesthetics, but they can be considered an anomaly. In conclusion, entrepreneurs need to understand design not only for their product but for their internet ventures.

Design is how entrepreneurs communicate with their consumers and should not be undervalued.