For many startups, one of the first things that they focus on is creating a great website which consumers can engage with. It is many companies belief that having the best possible website is the most successful way to increase reach and maximize consumer interaction. They are right. It is very essential for companies to have killer site in order to be taken seriously. Sometimes, however, there are other things they should also be thinking about as well. There are three questions that should be asked by every startup in the digital space.

What kind of company am I?

Many startups begin by throwing together a website and fail to fully understand their consumers. They fail to consider what kind of company they are. A company with a brand that promotes and thrives upon user interaction and engagement looks different from a company that is B2B and is more interested in simply making transactions. The websites for these companies should look very different from one another.

How do consumers access me?

In our ever-changing technological climate, consumers are using mobile more and more. Are your consumers accessing your website via mobile? If so, your website must be built to accommodate and even encourage mobile usage. Again, this may lead to a discussion between B2B or B2C. If your consumers are accessing via mobile, than it is essential to have a mobile optimized site.

Would an app make this easier?

The last question that should be asked is about apps. Apps are a hot topic and many companies are very quick to jump on the app train. The most important thing to consider when deciding if an app is going to be helpful is the consumer. Would it make the interaction easier, or is it just a burdensome step that customers dread?

All of these steps are essential in creating your digital presence for your startup.