I cannot think of one person I know that has not heard of The Walt Disney Company. As a company that has recurred presence throughout my entire life, it naturally has a deep-rooted hold on me as a loyal customer and spectator.

Like many others, Disney movies, especially the opening scene with the famous castle, rings a familiar bell of nostalgia and quite frankly, magic. This is a very powerful unfair advantage Disney has over its competitors that is very hard to imitate, since it is only developed through years of dedication, hard work, and market penetration. Building off of a small animation company, Disney has grown to own a huge market share in theme parks and in the film industry. Disney also has presence in television, video games, merchandise/department stores, etc. The list goes on and on.

Like all companies, Disney does run into some challenges, and most recently they have been suffering from the online success of Amazon and Netflix. Their streaming growth has proven to take over the media entertainment industry, posing an increased competitive advantage for other companies such as Disney. However, Disney always seems to be prepared and has proven their competency with their purchase of Fox (and by association, Hulu), which increases content appeal. Their most recent plan is to expand the industry and begin a streaming service of its own. Disney forecasts to become a threat by presenting this large strength. Disney’s first year goal is to generate four to five original movies, and 5 TV Series for the streaming service. This provides a great example of how a partial internet-based company uses its strengths and evaluates its market to further attack the industry to come back on top.