Linkedin; the modern job search solution, but for professionals in the medical world it provides less value. In the modern age careers in business are built on who you know, Linkedin creates a convenient way to organize, and expand these connections. The value of networking is also crucial in the medical profession, but where can physicians and other medical professionals connect? Not Linkedin. Linkedin doesn’t allow doctors to interact, and collaborate in a ways that have potential to improve the lives of their patients, and inevitably improve modern medicine. Enter Doximity, a medical Linkedin; a professional social networking site that allows physicians to share findings, and discuss cases. The site has expanded greatly, incorporating nearly half of the practicing physicians in the United States. The secret to this site’s success is HIPPA secured case sharing, allowing doctors to reveal case information without breaking the Hippocratic Oath. Doximity provides a network of industry leading physicians to encourage the spread of knowledge within the varying specialties of medicine. Doximity allows physicians to run decisions by the medical community, in an effort to decrease error through collaborative case analysis.

Doximity’s headquarters are stationed in San Francisco, CA in 2011. Doximity is a private company run by CEO Jeff Tangney. The company’s mission is to provide a mobile site that puts clinicians first. Doximity has filled the void that medical professionals have from the establishment of Linkedin. The site allows the medical community to not only share ideas and advise other professionals, but as a connective network for future career opportunities. Doximity recently launched a program to help medical students find the best residency program tailored to their needs and career aspirations. This revolutionizes the residency application process, as it allows students to interact with program coordinators in one unified platform.

Doximity; the Doctor’s Connection.