Organization is something that can go either way. Some people need it, some people can do without it. As an entrepreneur I believe that organization promotes accessibility. Accessibility, in my opinion, is something every entrepreneur needs. Both organization and accessibility are the two main attributes that the application Dropbox provides. Through the applications simple and slick interface an individual is able to send their files to a virtual cloud. They can send word documents, videos, pictures, presentations, pretty much anything digital. The great thing about Dropbox is that these digital things can be accessed anywhere anytime as long as you are connected to a network! Personally, this is a huge help. For example, say I had a meeting at 5 pm and I had to use a power point presentation I made on my home desktop. Instead of having to rush to finish the presentation I could simply upload it to Dropbox and virtually take my work to the office. It’s simple, quick, safe, and, most importantly, available.