Howdy Folks! This week, Dale and I are co-writing a blog post. You’ll get to read about some of the fun things we’ve done together in Venture Lab this semester.

Megan’s pov: So a few weeks ago, Dale and I had an awesome entrepreneurial adventure. We’ve been trying to figure out a manufacturing process for Venture Lab and decided to take a mini road trip to meet with the manufacturing folks in person. I’m being really honest when I say – it was sketchy. For one thing, while we were driving for the meeting we basically ended up in the middle of nowhere. I thought to myself, “This is it. This is how it ends. We’ll disappear and never be heard from again. At least our bodies can be preserved in the snow until Spring.” A bit dramatic, but y’all get the point. Thankfully, we finally found the correct place to meet, but not before we almost walked into someone else’s house instead. Fun times. When we finally got where we needed to be, we were greeted by some unexpected furry friends – dogs. Big dogs. That jumped. And I screamed. I think Dale could verify that I was a little scared. In fact, I think Dale would love to tell you how much he loved our fury friends.

Dale’s pov: Yea, so we walked in the door and seven dogs came flying at us. Megan did let out a little scream but she kept her cool. I love dogs so while I was confused, I wasn’t scared.  So we went into the office and sat down to go over our product, but we were not alone.  Throughout the entire meeting, I had two or three dogs sitting by my legs or putting their noses in my lap.  So here I am trying to have a professional conversation with Megan and the manufacturer and I have a dog sniffing my crotch the whole time!  I will also add that the dogs could have used a bath…or two…

Yea so note to self…do more research on companies before we visit.

Megan’s pov: We ended up having a good meeting. In fact, the person with who we met not only gave us quite a bit of his time, but lead us to some pretty important questions regarding the assembly of our scrub caps. So despite our less than ideal fury company, we walked away with some new knowledge in our pockets. All in all, a successful adventure and a great story!