Adobe eSign has one major function, to allow for the faster transmission of documents through obtaining quick and safe signatures on any mobile device. Contracts, investments, sales, can all be processed through eSign. This app also has amazing record keeping capability. eSign stores all of the documents signed by, and sent to, specific individuals on the cloud, which makes bookkeeping simple and efficient. Because all of this information is on the cloud, everything is accessible and safe from anywhere at any time. Business transactions can be signed off on, sent, and received just through this app. Time and money are both saved through eSign.

Cost, efficiency, control, and functionality are the four solutions this app gives to entrepreneurs.

  1. Cost: through this paperless app, costs are cut from the expense of paper and mail.
  2. Efficiency: Now that signing doesn’t have to be done manually and documents can be delivered automatically, this process is coherent and much faster. Along with the time function, eSign allows users to share documents with an entire organization and do business with just one vendor as well, informing employees and clients or partners exactly what transactions are taking place.
  3. Control: in today’s day and age, internet security is a must, especially business. eSign makes sure all of its transactions and documents are protected and safe. The protection of information, coupled with its storage and memory capacity makes this app the ideal tool when it comes to investments and other important documents.
  4. Functionality: eSign can be used for sales, human resources, procurement, and integration purposes. This app makes each category faster in processing, and specific capabilities.
  • Sales – proposals, quotes, and contracts are all fully automated, making selling much easier and quicker.
  • Human Resources – small business owners can sign off on things faster allowing employees to focus on other work.
  • Procurement – vender renewing time is reduced, onboarding can occur more rapidly, and contract cycle times can be shortened.
  • Integration – business and legal risk is lessened and documents are stored properly.

So, what makes this tool perfect for the entrepreneur? The answer is simple: increased productivity. In any business, but especially entrepreneurship, time is money, which means efficiency and productivity are everything. This app guarantees safety combined with efficiency and handiness. Bookkeeping, recording, and saving are all functions this app does naturally. Signing, improving business transactions, and decreasing costs is what truly makes eSign worthwhile.

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