What is Etsy? 

Etsy is a website based around buying and selling homemade items. It is its own social network with how great the community of buyers and sellers are.

  • The homepage recommends products to you based on previously viewed items.
  • You can see what other members have purchased and selected as their top picks.
  • The discover section shows all sorts of things that can’t be found anywhere else

How it works 

As a social media tool users can follow other users. This lets the site show that users items that they are selling or have favorited in the follower’s feed. A user can favorite any item they find on the site to save for later and show their followers.

As a marketplace a user can register to sell anything they make on Etsy. They would then make a listing and start selling.

Selling on Etsy 

It is a quite simple process to sell on Etsy.

  1. Register
  2. Make a listing for your product with product details, overview and pictures
  3. Wait for orders
  4. Fulfil orders once they are placed

You can add customization options to your product for any sort of different styles or variations.

Customers will be able to leave a review of the product for other potential customers to view

Why use Etsy?

When launching a new product it is sometime difficult to find a marketplace to sell it on and to get word of your product out to the target consumer. Etsy helps solve both of those problems by being a place to sell your product and have it shared by its users with their network of followers. With 30 million users this is no small market.

The cost of selling on Etsy 

  • 20 cents to list an item for 4 months
  • 3.5% fee of purchase price
  • no membership fee