One of the things that I’ve struggled the most with during my time at college is time management. I thought use of antiquated concepts such as the daily planner would help, but in the end I just ended up more confused. Then, I discovered Evernote and it blew my mind away. Not only can Evernote help you to stay on top of assignments, but it also can do so much more! Firstly, the Evernote app can be downloaded on both your mobile device and your home computer. This makes it easier to access, and much easier to add to. One of the other great things for managing time is the reminder option. This allows you to set a notification attached to a certain event. The nice thing about the notifications is that you can have them sent to both your email AND your mobile device, assuring that you don’t miss your appointments. When inputting a reminder, you have the option to choose whether it is Low, Medium, or High priority, making it easier to differentiate which reminders are more important.

One of the other things that is extremely useful in Evernote is its adaptability. Evernote is able to synchronize with just about any platform out there. This means that the syllabus Word document can be exported into Evernote for your quick access. Keep in mind, this exportation doesn’t only apply to Word documents, but pretty much every document you can think of. Evernote can also import power points, making it much easier to study.

So far, I feel like I haven’t begun to scrape the surface on what Evernote can do for me. In time, as I graduate from school, I think that Evernote can be a permanent fixture on my desktop and mobile phone, simply because it seems to be the most adaptive and friendly way to organize any aspect of your life, not just school.  Deadlines for work is an easy example of how Evernote could be used as I get older. Collaborations with multiple people can be organized with all of the documents and information associated with each individual person.

After my very brief usage of Evernote, it’s clear to me that this app will play a role in my future. Not only will I be able to use it in college to sort out what I need to be doing, but I will be able to use it after, to ensure that I’m staying organized at home and at work going forward.