You’ve probably, on more than one occasion, tore apart your house looking for a receipt. Maybe you’ve scoured for hours looking for a boarding pass with the time till your flight ticking down to a dangerous level. Please, stop. A productivity tool that allows its user to upload images or notes to a seamlessly liquid application removes the struggle of finding that weathered piece of scrap paper at the bottom of your backpack, and its name is Evernote.

“But all my talking points were on my phone, how am I going to bring up my points of concern in that board meeting with my phone in the shop!?” – Don’t sweat it, Evernote is account based, which means a quick download and login is all you need to access your phone based notes from your laptop.

Not just for the everyday user, Evernotes shared accounts can be a key component for clear communication between teammates from startups all the way to large corporations. Other tools such as work chat only add to the simplicity.

The Evernote team sure has given us a treat, try their product at –