Any entrepreneur that is working with people, which makes up the vast majority of entrepreneurs, hopes that everything goes smoothly. For a project to go smoothly, the team of people must be productive and understand clearly what is to be done by them, and what is to be done by others in the group. Many times, if this is not accomplished, deadlines are missed and there is higher possibility for failure when launching.

To keep everybody on your team going the same direction, they have invented Basecamp, this app makes it possible for everybody to be on the same page both theoretically and physically. With the use of this app a whole team of people or even huge multinational businesses can be prepared for deadlines, budgets, and much more. Basecamp even has the ability to send progress reports to everybody on the team, and the ones in charge.

Say you have more than one project going on, that’s nothing Basecamp can’t handle. They make it possible to keep dozens of projects going the way they need to go, all at the same time. This is where other productivity apps start to fall behind. Basecamp can be accessed on basically any device or browser, and is also accessed via email. Basecamp also has apps for Apple and Android devices.

When it comes down to usability of the app you could ask the last 6,001 customers who starting using Basecamp within the last week. And you can also find out for yourself with a free 2 month trial. The program uses cloud technology so there is not IT required. Customer service is also a plus that you get from Basecamp. They strive to have the absolute best customer service in the business.

Basecamp has helped thousands of people, from groups of two or three people, to large corporations such as Nike, NASA, and Patagonia. It’s simple, it helps projects get done on time.