One of the biggest problems many entrepreneurs face is finding a spare moment in their day. When you are starting your own business you constantly have people to meet, things to do, and places to be. It is crucial to be organized and make sure you have something in place to keep you on schedule.  A personal assistant would be great to hire, if only you didn’t have to put them on payroll. Through the development of technology, apps like Donna 2.0 have been created to fill this need. The past product lead for twitter, Kevin Cheng, has developed this app to use mobile data and iOS aide to make it more user friendly.


Donna 2.0 is a personal assistant app that has features like….

– reminding you about a meeting

– routing the directions to a destination

– providing updates on weather changes or road conditions

– automatically emailing or texting meeting attendees if you are running late

-connecting you with an Uber, skype, and your Iphone calendar

Above are screen shot of features of the app. Besides being useful and efficient it’s pretty too!

This app is a smarter replacement for a regular calendar app. Not only does it come with all these bonus features, but it allows you to customize it any way you want. You can build whatever preferences you would like into the application  Donna 2.0 is a perfect application for entrepreneurs. It allows you to stay on track with your busy schedule and manage so much more then just a regular calendar.

Donna is a perfect app for the young entrepreneur to get acquainted with. Especially if you aren’t an Type A organized person, this advance in technology will help you to advance your business and manage your time.

Go to the app store and download Donna to help you stay on track.