Your Personal Magazine

Flipboard is a free application that can be downloaded from the App Store, Google play, Windows Store, or BlackBerry World that takes articles and stories from sites all over the web and puts them together in one “personal magazine.”

The goal of the app is to allow users to access all of their social media, news, blogs and webpages that they pay attention to all in one location.  There are other apps that offer similar social network aggregation, such as Feedly, but Flipboard offers a much more appealing visual presentation.

Flipboard looks like a electronic personal magazine. The user interface is very easy and enjoyable to use.  Users “flip” through articles with their finger as though it is a real print, magazine.   in 2010 Apple named the application Apple’s iPad App of the Year due to its significance.  The app uses visual images to spark the reader’s interest.

Why It is Significant

Entrepreneurs usually stay in touch with many different media and webpages.  They read newspapers and magazines online or in print and then check the stock market, Facebook, and Twitter.  This can take quite a while especially if you check these things multiple times in a day as many people do.  Flipboard allows the user to access all of this information in one app that you can read on the go on your phone or at the office on your tablet or computer.

The user searches in the search bar for topics and publications of interest to add to their Flipboard.  Topics include news, business, sports, tech & science, shopping, photos & design, arts & culture, living, food & dining and others.  In addition to that, users can link webpages to their Flipboard with the “Flip it” bookmarklet by following the instructions offered online at