Calling all musicians, conductors, band members, worship leaders, vocalists, and music enthusiasts. ForScore is about to change the way you do music.

Released to the App store in 2010, forScore has gained recognition among musicians of all types. With over 2000 reviews, it has definitely distinguished itself among its niche market  with a 4.5 star rating.

ForScore is a document-viewing app designed specifically to streamline the process of organizing and viewing sheet music. It has the ability to import any PDF file from the internet and can also connect directly to Dropbox or Google Docs. It stores a virtually endless amount of music, and it’s all on the go on your iPad or iPhone.

This app is definitely an app worth the $6 and perfect for music teachers or educators. Documents can be arranged by artist, album, composer, or song, into set-lists, and folders. You can even bookmark individual pages! With the ability to annotate, draw, notate, and edit any document, forScore is a must for anyone involved in the continual use of sheet music. Sharing is equally as easy via Bluetooth, email, Airdrop, or even straight to air print!

I personally have managed to get 3 years of use (and counting) out of forScore and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this app is capable of. As a musician, I couldn’t think of a better app to use to help launch a new music business.