Freedcamp “Group Efforts Made Effortless”

Freedcamp is a productivity tool aimed at group tasks. It helps organize each member of the group to get their individual assignment completed.

How does it work? 

  1. Sign up
  2. Create a project with a project name and select to see tasks as sticky notes or as a list
  3. Invite team members by email with a personalized message
  4. You can then add tasks, have discussions, share files and set a calendar for the project


  • Can be sorted by; priority, due date, date created and alphabetically
  • can be filtered by; creator, who it was assigned to, progress and the same four things it can be sorted by
  • Tasks can be moved from the to do list into in progress or completed


Any team member can post a new discussion for the rest of the group to respond to. Works much better than a long chain of group emails were information can easily be misinterpreted.


Team members can attach important documents to the task so they can be easily accessed by everyone


  • Add in important dates for the group
  • Never forget a team meeting
  • Events can be planned well in advance


Everything on Freedcamp can have a notification linked with it.