Google Hangouts

With Google being a Mecca of new technological innovation and the standard in online presence it will come as no surprise that google has come out with a new tool that is innovating and improving video conferencing.  Google Hangouts is a great product that functions similarly to Skype but has taken the video tool to a new level.  One of the strongest features of Hangouts is that it is great for not only casual hangouts with friends but also in the professional realm.  With business trending more and more online and outsourcing and long distance partnerships the value of being able to meet without being all in the same spot is a very valuable thing.  Not only saving time and money by not forcing people to physically be together Hangouts offer another level of personal touch that a phone call or conference call just can’t.  For an example of how Hangouts is used in the professional realm my dad, a plant manager in Franklin, using Hangouts everyday to have a tier meeting with his fellow plants so that everyone is on the same page and is in the loop as to what is going on.  The simplicity of Hangouts as well is another great reason why to use it.  With clear and specific tabs to leave, mute, share, or stream the simplicity of it is a reason in itself to give it a shot.  For any anybody looking for an easy, free, and quick way to connect with others Google Hangouts is the perfect tool for you.