Arriving to the end of the semester, Riot RC accomplished many of the goals that it set out to meet at the inception of the Venture Lab process. In the coming weeks and months, we will be analyzing what things we can do to further the research of our MVP and perfect it to a greater scale. A very important conclusion that must be reached is on the viability of not only the racing aspect, but also what other sectors this technology will be useful for different markets. In the coming weeks we will be creating a pitch deck and compiling videos of the technology to show what it’s capabilities are. We recently were provided the option to give a soft-pitch to a tech angel investors group on the east coast and will be sending them additional information on what it is Riot RC is doing. With some additional funding we will seek to achieve a build for a custom remote control software for desktops and a perfection of the vehicle itself. We will continue to explore different opportunities and refining our technology as we seek the next step in our innovation process.