Gret Glyer is the Founder of DonorSee and an advocate for the poor around the world.  As a graduate from Grove City College, he attributes his college experiences as a Grover towards his success with such a large undertaking, like starting his own business.  DonorSee is an app and website platform that allows you to give to small, personal, and high-impact need to over 50 countries.  The most incredible part about this model is how patrons can see what they helped donate to.  I personally love the transparency at the forefront of this model.

Research shows that philanthropy raises dopamine levels within the brain.  If this is true, then imagine what seeing the impact of such donations will do to the dopamine levels in your brain.  The way that Gret has designed his business to run is ingeniously simple yet effective.  You can see exactly how it works in this 45-second video.

When Gret came back to Sticht Auditorium this past month to talk about his transition from Grove City College to working for a business to living in Africa and then founding a micro-donation platform, I couldn’t help but be impressed.  I could see how the experience from Grove City College, working in a range at positions at Enterprise, and living in Africa really prepared him for the challenge he now thrives within.

It just goes to show the road to a viable and effective business may be long and full of plenty of detours – but these detours are what builds character and ultimately prepares you for large endeavors/undertakings like having a successful business.

Gret, I commend you on your continual effort and hear towards the poor.  And above all else, I commend you on finding and capitalizing on a better way for patrons to donate.