Every new company that is formed in the world faces hurdles and barriers to entry. It’s the creativity that company shows in getting around those hurdles that determines whether or not that company is destined for success. And Immerse is no different, we have faced many obstacles on our rode towards success, and I’d love to share a few of those with you now:

The hardest part about starting up for us has been pacing ourselves. At the onset of our project we had no idea if technology even existed that would allow us to do what we wanted to do. We were fortunate enough to discover rather quickly that the technology was in fact out there, and we just needed to bring it all together in one place. We were able to do that rather quickly, having developed a working MVP in a matter of less than a month and building a computer capable of producing our video content shortly after. Another difficulty we have faced has been keeping pace with new technologies. We are currently researching new cameras set to be released in the near future that may render our current model outdated, but will surely make our production much easier once we can get our hands on them.

Another difficulty we have faced has been keeping up with all the opportunities we have been presented with. Between the real estate, entertainment, and missions fields, we have certainly been pulled in all directions when it comes to our focus. We have done our best to pursue all avenues in our pursuit of success, but to this point we haven’t truly developed a niche just yet. There is little doubt that once we explore these avenues further we will be able to settle upon one that will be the best for us, but for now we must explore all options and leave no stone unturned.