Hello Ello

What is Ello, Who created it, & Why?

Ello is a social media site for artists looking to connect with other artists.  Ello allows people to post, share, and discover unique art.  Many people use Ello to be inspired by other artists or to inspire other artists with their passions.

Ello began as a private social network created by a small group of inventors.  This small group of creators made Ello because of their frustration with the negativity many artists receive in the big social media networks.

As it grew, the creators decided to come out as a PUBLIC network allowing anyone interested to make a profile to experience all that comes with Ello.

How can Ello help entrepreneurs?

Although Ello is not able to help every type of entrepreneur, artists specifically can benefit greatly from this site.  Here’s why:

  • Ello is AD FREE
    • Social media sites that are run by advertisers allow companies to buy and sell your personal information, BUT that won’t happen on Ello!
  • Ello allows you to CONNECT
    • Artists can easily connect with other artists to collaborate.
  •  Ello is in BETA
    • There are constantly new features coming out, assuring that these artists will be using the best of the best features to post, share, and discover artwork!!
  • Coming soon…
    • Ello is working on a feature to allow artists to buy and sell their artwork to other users directly.

These three details alone make entrepreneurial artists able to get their name out there, and eventually even make a profit, without worrying about being taken advantage of.