Yimello: The E-Commerce Start-Up

Yimello is a new spice company at Grove City College that is getting its start in a class called E-Commerce. The purpose of the class is to give students firsthand experience with creating an online business. Students were asked to brainstorm and pitch different e-commerce ideas which would then be voted on by their peers. Yimello came out as one of the top five selected ideas. The idea was simple: sell high-quality spices to make a positive social impact.

The Cause

Once the Yimello team was formed, they collaborated to find an organization that can directly impact a problem in society. It turns out, hunger is still a huge problem in America. In fact, 1 out of 6 seniors struggles with hunger. That is why Yimello has decided to team up with Meals on Wheels to help combat this issue. Yimello chose to donate 100% of their profits to Meals on Wheels because they do such an outstanding job serving senior citizens in the local area.


Bring On the Spices!

Yimello prides its self on both its social impact and the quality of the product it provides. All of the spices Yimello offers is 100% natural. Each spice comes packaged in a cute tin that can be stylishly displayed in any kitchen to show your support in the fight against hunger. Yimello offers a great selection of spices that can be found on their website. In addition to supplying spices that can bring life to the blandest of dishes, they also provide recipes to give you some culinary inspiration. Your own creativity is the only limit to what these spices can do! Imagine sipping a cup hot chocolate, kissed with a dash of cinnamon on a cool autumn day. While you are being warmed by the cinnamon goodness, you are also warming the hearts of those who are in need of a meal. If you want to help support hunger relief (and spice up your life) please consider checking out Yimello today!