Hootsuite is a website where a business owner can keep track of their social accounts all from one place. This would include accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, WordPress blogs, and many more. Business owners can pre-schedule tweets and status’, keep track of what all is being said about their business, and get free reports by emails.

Hootesuite is great for entrepreneurs because if there is more than one business owner, it is easy for everyone to keep track of the business’ social media sites and keep on top of things by seeing what all is being said about their business. A great quality about this site is that allows you to give different responsibilities to different people that are looking over what is being said about their business. Let’s say when an owner is logged on to Hootsuite, they can see which tweet or status that has been responded to and which has not. This keeps everyone from responding to the same person. From a personal experience, I am pretty sure that Stride Gum uses Hootsuite because one day I had tweeted them a picture of their different gum flavors asking which one I should get, and within minutes, they tweeted me back.

Hootsuite is also useful because the owner, or owners, are able to post to all the different sites at the same time. This way they would not have to copy and paste from one site to the next. They are also able to pre-set their posts so they can post at any time they wanted to. Although, people should be careful with this feature because if you are posting to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, twitter only allows you to post up to 140 characters where Facebook the limit does not exist.

Another great reason entrepreneurs should use Hootsuite is because of their emails they send you. In their emails, the owner gets a pdf attachment of their “click summaries”. These include number of clicks per day, geographical information on the people clicking through, top referrers, most popular links that people visit. This is helpful because it gives the owners updates on how their websites are doing throughout the week.

I would recommend Hootsuite to any entrepreneur because it gives them a great way to keep track of all their social medias and stay in-tuned with their customers.  The owners are able to see what others are saying able them, they are able to post to their different sites with out having to visit each one all of the time, and get weekly emails on how their company is doing online.  Hootsuite is a great way to stay organized and keep organized for any business.