10 Apps  that Encourage Productivity

  1. Asana

Software-as-a-service designed to improve team work without the use of email. Virtual workspaces contain projects and tasks which can be commented on, edited, and filled with attachments. Users can share their projects and receive notifications when changes have been made.

  1. RescueTime

Monitors website/app usage on computers or cellphones. RescueTime provides a detailed report of how much time you spent on specific websites and sends a weekly email report summarizing activities and productivity scores. The app even allows you to set productivity goals to encourage less usage on Facebook, and more on Google Docs.

  1. FocusWriter

A glorified virtual notepad, FocusWriter blocks everything on the screen except the document you are working on. Since emails, twitter notifications, and calendar reminders are blocked from view you can stay on task until the app closes and you are free to be distracted.

  1. Anti-Social

App allows you to block distracting sites through a personal profile. Instead of opening Facebook for 30 minutes, Anti-Social will prevent the page from loading. You can even set a timer on how long you would like the site to be blocked so that you can reward yourself every hour with a browse through Pinterest.

  1. Dropbox

Save photos, files, and projects on all universal devices. Dropbox can be downloaded onto PCs, cellphones, and laptops to access files anywhere, anytime. Documents can be shared with other Dropbox users to pass along company information.

  1. SortMyBox

The helpful sister to dropbox, SortMyBox follows user-created rules to sort documents/files when they are saved. Implementing destination folders organizes information immediately after being used by following your rules designed in your profile.

  1. HootSuite

Manage multiple social media sites through HootSuite. The app schedules messaging and posting times so a business can promote their brand through hundreds of sites without having to manually monitor web activity. HootSuite even provides a social media performance analysis to inform users of which website they are making the most impact on.

  1. GoalsOnTrack

Create productive goals through SMART. See the organization of your goals, manage to-do list, and easily check up on your progress. The app notifies you of your successes and offers an easy to edit profile so you can start new habits at the press of a button.

  1. SelfControl

Much like Anti-Social, SelfControl blocks specific sites from loading during work time. What makes it different is the timer function that will not stop even with a device restart or the deletion of the app.

     10. Basecamp

Another group project software system, Basecamp, organizes to-do lists, document storage, file sharing, and time tracking. To avoid emailing, the app implements a messaging system so employees can be in constant communication to complete multiple texts.