Entrepreneurship requires hustle. Being a hustler has always been a key element of starting one’s own business, but there are other important pieces as well. In the last twenty years there have been many new technological advancements that have changed the landscape of entrepreneurship. Companies, products and ideas can now go viral in a matter of months or even days. Upward mobility is more achievable than ever. The competition may be fierce in some spaces, but now more than ever, there is incredible opportunity to leverage technology and the internet to get your ideas or products in front of an incredible amount of people. It has never been easier to find your target market and interact with large numbers of people via the internet.

Almost all of the options for an online startup are free or inexpensive. Tools like google analytics allow you to see exactly how your visitors are interacting with your website and how to better leverage your site. Building a wordpress site is fairly simple and very inexpensive. Shopify is an amazing tool for e-commerce. All of these things should be considered by every entrepreneur attempting to start a new business. In today’s climate, an entrepreneur must know how to leverage the internet as an incredible tool to reach thousands or millions of potential customers and investors. Entrepreneurship still requires hustle, but always remember to use all of the tools that are available.