At Immerse, we have always had a clear and succinct mission, and that is to provide three hundred sixty degree video to a mass consumer audience. Our mission includes the planning, production, and distribution of this content for an audience hungry to experience cutting edge video technology. It is clear to us that there is a market for the consumption of this kind of content, but we also cannot limit ourselves to simply appealing to mass audiences alone.

We must also consider, for business purposes, individuals and companies who desire to have three hundred sixty degree content produced for the purpose of promoting their own goods or services. This market is appealing to us because we have identified that companies are willing to pay a premium for this kind of content and would be willing to hire a company such as ours to produce it. Thus, our mission must be expanded to include those customers who are willing to pay for our services directly. Customers who simply view our content may also generate revenue for our copy via pay-per-view functions and also through traffic generated revenue. For this reason our mission must appeal to both audiences, and we must be careful to ensure that we are serving the needs of each market effectively and efficiently.

As a result, our mission statement looks something like the following: “Providing three hundred sixty degree content for both viewers and companies and individuals hoping to capture those views in a cutting edge format.” We hope to remain at the cutting edge of the technology in our field, something we currently pride ourselves on. The technology in the three hundred sixty degree video field is constantly evolving and we have continued to evolve with it in order to produce the highest quality content possible.