This will be my final post from the Innovation Pipeline.  As an Entrepreneurship major at Grove City College, I was very excited to be involved in this initiative. I hope to one day start and run my own small business. Thus, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to help start a makerspace and innovator’s lab in Tyler. I found it very encouraging that the City of Tyler is trying to launch the Innovation Pipeline. This is a wonderful initiative to reach out, not only to graduates in the area, but other local community members as well.

One of the most rewarding parts of my internship has been building relationships with City of Tyler employees. Receiving mentorship from these employees has been highly encouraging. Also, prior to my internship, I had little knowledge regarding how municipal government truly operates. I am certain that the hands on experience I have gained in this area will prove to be incredibly valuable.

Finally, this internship has provided me with opportunities to observe how a project of this size truly takes a communal effort. After several meetings and discussions with business partners and individual community members, I have realized the vital role community plays in the lives of small businesses. I am grateful to have had this experience to further develop the Innovation Pipeline as an initiative that not only brings this community together, but also drives the future of Innovation in Tyler and the East Texas Region.

That’s all,