This will come as a surprise to no one, but the world is going mobile. Consumers are viewing content more and more on mobile devices and it doesn’t look like that trend is going to change anytime soon. SEO has been a pretty hot topic over the last couple of years and will also continue to grow. Both are merging together and optimizing for mobile devices looks like it is going to be a huge issue moving forward. The interesting thing about mobile is that user experience is even more important than on the traditional computer. Consumers attention span is even shorter with mobile and if websites are not designed with the user in mind, they will fail to capture attention and keep consumers engaged. Every entrepreneur must understand SEO if they hope to get their company noticed. This is especially true for startups who are primarily internet businesses.

What this means for your startup – If your digital footprint is not optimized for mobile than you are already behind. Google is ranking websites with mobile optimization in mind so by not optimizing, your rankings will be taking a hit. As an entrepreneur, optimizing your website for mobile interaction is essential.

What is responsive design – Something that is talked about often in regards to mobile optimization is responsive design. This refers to how your website looks and acts on a mobile device. A website must be able to scale up or down based on what kind of device it is being used on. Changes must also be made to ensure that content is legible on a mobile device. If your website is a pain to navigate or hard to read on a mobile device, then consumers will leave and look elsewhere.

In the new world in which we live, where everyone has a ‘mini computer’ in their pockets, entrepreneurs must understand the importance of optimizing for mobile.