Nimble is a great way to organize your advertisements! It can do so many things for the entrepreneur, and it really helps people control their business from all of their different social media platforms. First of all, I would like to give you a brief summary of nimble, then go into a list of 10 reasons why it benefits the entrepreneur.

Nimble is a marketing tool, that helps business improve their customer relationships over media, and specifically social media. Most businesses reach out to people in many different ways, including Facebook, Twitter, email, snail mail, Google+. not to mention the countless calendars, business contacts, activities, and deals that they have to manage. These businesses often have a hard time being very organized through all of these routes of relationships and organization. Nimble, takes the different routes, and organizes them into one, easy-to-use site.

Now, to list the 10 best things about nimble, and more importantly, 10 great reasons that entrepreneurs need to use nimble!

1. It is literally available everywhere you want to use it! Nimble is offered as a mobile app for Apple and for Google Play, it is offered as a browser companion, it is offered as a inbox companion (for email), it is available as an app on Hootsuite, and even as just a regular website. Nimble can be accessed on whatever device you choose, so you have it wherever you are.

2. Nimble gets all of your history between the contact and your business, on every platform. Nimble takes the contact’s name, and email, and searches through every database that it offers, and gets the contact’s information on each one of those. It will bring all of  the information to you, wherever you want it to be. (see number 1)

3. Nimble takes shared interests, and highlights them in your connections. It takes features like different topics that the customer talks about, and keywords that they may use, and shows you, as the business owner, why the contact is of interest and is relevant to yourself.

4. You can filter the contacts by how much you contact them. Through the sidebar, in the app or browser companion, nimble will give you, the business your recently contacted, frequently contacted, and favorites so that you can choose without having to search through customers to find the one you want!

5. There is only one inbox for every platform. With nimble, every time your company/small business is mentioned on the internet, whether in a search, a tweet, or a post, you are notified, all going to one inbox. Nimble has the ability to sort these inboxes and to separate each platform, yet you can also see the big picture with just one inbox!

6. Each message shows you information about the sender. Every time you do get a message to your inbox, there is information about the sender, and if they are relevant or not to your business. If they are really going to be impactful to you, you can easily add them as a contact in the message, by clicking one time, and then you will have the connection for when you need it most.

7. The “Today Page”. Each time you log into nimble, the today page is pulled up, telling you your to-do list for the day, whether or not any of your connections have birthdays or job changes, or even if there are opportunities for engagement and what-not.

8. Activity Management. Nimble not only provides a calendar that you can plug in events for, but it also has the ability to task assign to people in your business and on your team, as well as setting up dates for follow up connections with customers.

9. It is cheap. Nimble is only 15 dollars per month, and that is for multiple users of your business. There is a lot of service that nimble offers for just $15! It is much easier than paying someone to manage every social media account and track mentions on the internet!

10. Last but not least, nimble offers a saved search. For each time a customer tweets/posts about something, or a certain topic, the saved search through nimble will notify the user, so they can see what they said about the certain topic!

Nimble not only manages all of your platforms, but it also adapts to you, how you choose it to. It is very customizable and has many features for the entrepreneur! If you are looking to start a business, and connect with customers over the internet, nimble is a necessity.