Kozminski University

Kozminski University is a business school in Poland. It recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 with over 8,000 students and 50,000 alumni. It has more than 200 agreements with universities on 6 continents, nearly 1,500 international students yearly, almost 80 nationalities among their students, 6 computer labs, 2 sports halls, and a Business Hub.

Kozminski University Summer School 2020–ONLINE

Kozminski University cares about students’ personal development, specifically in the business arena. This summer 2020, they are inviting students from all around the world to take part in their International Summer School in Warsaw. The program aims to provide academic professional courses and additionally business and cultural activities.

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Dates: July 6 -24 , 2020

Application deadline: April 15 , 2020

Language of instruction: English

Fee: 800 € / 600 € for students from KU partner Universities

The price includes the fee for the academic program (including materials for classes), lunches at KU and social activities. The expenses for accommodation, travel and everyday life have to be covered by the students.

Kozminski’s Strategic Digital Marketing course may be substituted for GCC’s MARK 315 Digital Marketing course, with pre-approval from Dr. Ken Carson.


Q: Which courses will Kozmiski offer?

A: Strategic Digital Marketing and Organisational Creativity Lab

Q: What will the Organisational Creativity Lab entail?

A: The objective of Creativity Lab is to understand the sources of creativity and design the ecosystem of creativity in the business context and in relevance to most recent leadership concepts such as: Creative Confidence, Communicative Leadership and Creative Explorations. Students will experience Design Sprint aimed at introducing creative routines of work and will see their application in brick & mortar environment.

Q: What will the Strategic Digital Marketing course entail?

A: This course will instruct students on the concept of digital transformation of organization, the changes in organizational structures and business models determined by digital technologies, and changes in contemporary marketing activities and the role of contemporary client in value creation.

Q: What methods of teaching will these courses use?

A: Teaching happens through lectures, class discussion, workshops, case studies, and more.

Additional Information

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Interested in applying?

No matter what your major, if you’re interested in innovative, digital marketing or think creativity could play a large role in your future work, Kozminski University is an excellent summer opportunity for you. Contact us to learn more about how we partner with Kozminski and how you can apply.