LegalZoom is a website that offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs. You can get all sorts of business and personal legal help from professionals for a reasonable price.  LegalZoom offers help starting your business by providing you with the appropriate legal paperwork for your state.  LegalZoom also can assist you with real estate, taxation, corporate changes,  permits, and compliance.  LegalZoom can also help you personally with name changes, divorce, green cards, personal injury, prenuptial agreements,  bankruptcy, DUI, and disability benefits.  LegalZoom was listed in the top ten best digital tools for entrepreneurs in 2012 by Forbes.

Why it is Significant

Entrepreneurs are usually pretty busy.  They have a lot to do and cant afford to spend the time messing with legal issues themselves.  LegalZoom is faster than finding and meeting with a local legal advisor.  When running a business, time is money and spending time inefficiently is not helpful.

What make it different?

LegalZoom differentiates from other online legal services because it is full service.  You can get blank legal documents from for cheaper but LegalZoom will complete the forms based on your answers to some online questions so you don’t have to mess around trying to do things you don’t have time for or don’t even know how to do.

LegalZoom is a very important tool for entrepreneurs because it allows them to focus more on whatever they need to focus on and not legal paperwork.