I am sure many of you have been on or at least heard of Tinder. It’s known for being a social media tool that is used for connecting people in their local area for “dating” purposes. What if I told you there was an app in the works that could connect you with people in your area that want to learn more about your entrepreneurial vision, over coffee or even a good brew (if you are of age!)

Brew— is an app in the works that takes the concept of Tinder and applies it instead to ideas connecting ideas and vision. As an entrepreneur you always want to bounce your ideas and concepts off someone to get some feedback. This app would allow for your ideas to blossom and for you to even meet some new friends!

I personally would love to use an app like this and meet up with someone who likes my idea wants to either help me or I could help them. Plus, who doesn’t like to meet up for coffee or a drink?