It is not a new concept to look back or review our past decisions and understand their outcomes but what would it look like to look back on a yearly, weekly, or daily basis, really understanding our decisions, why we made them, and if they were worth it.

In a recent lecture with guest speaker, Gret Glyer, many different topics were discussed all relating to on unique message; purpose.

“Your purpose is the framework through which you make every decision.”

If this is true then understanding our motivations and drivers of this purpose, the purpose of our purpose, so to speak, should be one of our main objectives. Understanding our purpose does three key things. It is freeing. It is strengthening. It is confidence building. In the seasons when so many doors can be opening up at once our purpose provides a structure, guiding us which opportunities to follow. For the times that it seems impossible to keep going, our purpose gives us the strength to get through when our eyes are set on the “why”. With our purpose set in a firm place, rain or shine, life will always have direction.

It is a common thing to say “life is short” but in the years that we do have what does it mean to “never repeat a year”? Retrospect can always give us a clearer picture of our intentions and the results of our decisions. To look back at a year through the crisp lens of our defined purpose we can easily determine what things we want to repeat and what things we don’t want to see again. Having this time of intentional review, we are able to propel ourselves forward, getting closer to our true purpose. We will never repeat it in quite the same way, but hopefully always aiming to improve it.