Being a part of the Grove City College Venture Lab Program has been a great experience. It was the possibility of being in Venture Lab that first got me thinking about starting Māhlon Acoustics. It has offered me the opportunity and motivation to work on developing my venture while in college. After all the time and effort I’ve put into Māhlon Acoustics over the past few months, and the promise we’ve seen in the market, I’m definitely going to continue working on this venture.

My co-founder, Mahlon, and I are very excited to work much more intentionally on our business throughout the summer. I’m moving to Nashville, TN, where he currently lives and will be working a part time job while spending the rest of my time developing Māhlon Acoustics. We’re hoping to soon have our e-commerce site live and will then begin selling products.

Māhlon Acoustics Wolverine Venture Battle Champions 2018. Grove City College. Entrepreneurship. Startup.

Māhlon Acoustics takes first place at the 2018 GCC Wolverine Venture Battle

Recently Mahlon and I competed in the Wolverine Venture Battle at Grove City College. We pitched our business to a panel of four business people who were the judges and sponsors of the competition. We were very excited about the outcome as we won $9,500, which we’re putting directly into our business. This chunk of cash, coupled with our low startup costs will allow us to quickly launch our business. We’re planning to use the money for marketing initiatives, tools and equipment, and will potentially be getting a booth at the National Association for Music Merchants (NAMM) Convention in June.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity that Venture Lab has given me to intentionally pursue my venture and I’m very excited to continue working on Māhlon Acoustics. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for our new website!