Recently I had the opportunity to hear my co-founder, Mahlon Stoltz play one of our signature Māhlon cajons in an acoustic gig. Mahlon was on a 10-day tour with Nashville country artist, Kolby Oakley. He’d been playing with Kolby on tour for the past year or so. Usually they have a full band and production touring together, putting on full-scale concerts. This time they decided to do a smaller-scale acoustic tour. The three-man band consisted on Kolby and Chris on acoustic guitars and Mahlon playing percussion on his own handcrafted cajon.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to attend a gig where Mahlon was playing his cajon, so I could get some photo and video content for our new website. This was the perfect opportunity. They were playing on Friday night in Cleveland, OH, only an hour and a half from where I’m in school at Grove City College. I convinced three of my friends that it would be a great way to spend a Friday evening and that they should come with me. We loaded up a bag full of camera gear and set out. We arrived at Wilbur’s, the bar and grill where they were playing, a bit before the show, and grabbed some nacho’s to munch on while we waited for the show to start.

The team played a killer show and it was great to be able to hear one of our own cajons in action. Kolby has generously offered to help market our new business while Mahlon is on tour with him, so he gave a shout out during the gig for our new startup. He’s even offered on upcoming tours to list us as a sponsor for his shows on marketing and promotional materials. It’s very exciting to start getting our name out there and to begin dipping into the cajon and music product market at large. Here are a few pictures I grabbed at the show!