Māhlon (MAY-lon) Acoustics is a brand that designs, handcrafts and sells wooden cajons and other custom music accessories. The story of how Māhlon Acoustics started is an interesting one. Mahlon Stoltz, my cofounder, is a musician, artist and craftsman living in Nashville Tennessee. About five years ago he bought his first cajon, a wooden box drum that is played while sitting on top of it. He played it so much that before long he beat a hole right through the face plate. As he took apart the broken cajon, Mahlon decided that he could build a more durable, better sounding product of his own. He grew up doing a lot of woodworking, and with the help of a skilled friend, they designed their own cajon. They experimented with a lot of different designs, wood types and wood thicknesses until they had a cajon with a great sound. Mahlon’s extensive musical experience gave him the ability to keep tinkering with the design until the sound was exactly what he wanted. Since that time Mahlon has crafted and sold these cajons to friends and others.


Recently I decided to team up with Mahlon and make his side gig into more of an actual business. We’re currently working on branding and website creation. We hope to roll out the initial version of our ecommerce site in the next couple of weeks. We hope to test the online market and see what the demand is for great quality, handcrafted cajons. We are providing a great alternative to the standard manufactured cajons that are readily available in the music market. We also are planning to add custom and personalization options to our products with custom wood burning and laser engraving and custom finish options. We’re so excited to jump in and test the market and see where this wild ride takes us.