At Immerse we have made significant strides in the right direction towards building Immerse into a realistic and profitable company. Throughout the course of the spring semester our progress has been visible, and I’d like to share that progress with you now:

Our first major breakthrough came with the building of our super-computer. Prior to the building of this computer, we had no way of stitching video on our own time and had to rely on a friend’s computer to do all of our editing. Thanks to the building of this computer, which was completed in January, we can now edit and produce videos whenever we want!

Our next major stride came from the filming of a few proof of concept videos, most notably our “Good Good Father” video, which we have used to demonstrate to over a hundred people to power of our technology.

One other major key that we discovered during the production of this video is that we could use the GoPro remote control to take control of all six of our cameras at once, allowing us to start recordings at exactly the same time. This effectively eliminated the issue of videos being out of sync when we processed them.

The last major step we have taken this semester has been in connecting with major players throughout the industry. While we cannot disclose any names at the present time, we can tell you that we have several exciting opportunities within the spaces of real estate and entertainment coming up in the next month or so. We will be filming a major event in the next week and producing an exciting video that will truly demonstrate the power of our technology. Be on the look out in the next two weeks for some exciting new content from Immerse.