What is Mention?

Mention is a tool that helps businesses track their online presence. It is a brand monitoring service that lets users track any mention on the internet of key words or phrases that a business finds useful to monitor. Uses for mention range from seeing what people are saying about you, to seeing your popularity (or lack of it). To build a strong brand it is necessary to know your own image. this helps find what the market values most about you, what they don’t like, how you can improve, who uses your product, and many other things that help build an effective brand.

Is there an alternative?

Google Alerts provides a similar service, but there are a few areas where Alerts falls short.

  1. Google Alerts only searches the top 10-20 news articles, web results, and blog posts. This leaves a vast amount of the internet not searched. The majority of mentions never make the top ten.
  2. Alerts only sends an email with a link to the page with the mention.
  3. Alerts only searches web content. It doesn’t search social media pages, videos, or images

So why use of Mention?

You may be asking why you should choose Mention over a free service. The answer is simple. Mention provides many more valuable resources and content. Until a free service comes along that offers something similar or better, the cost is minimal compared to the profit that can be made by a strong brand.

Some advantages of Mention include:

  1. Mention searches for any mention of the item you want to track instead of only monitoring the top results.
  2. Mention provides a much more friendly interface. Instead of a link, you receive a notification, which when viewed shows what was said, gives an image of the mention, and allows you to easily interact with the “mentioner.” Interaction between a business and the market is valuable since it helps keep in touch with your market, and also lets them know you care what they say.
  3. Mention goes above and beyond Alerts by also monitoring social media sites for any mention of a word or phrase.

For an entrepreneur, Mention provides so many opportunities for building up a brand. It lets you know what areas to focus on as you build a brand. It helps keep you in touch with your market. It protects you from any false information that might be being spread about your brand. Lastly, it shows the popularity of your brand, and what markets to target. Any entrepreneur who is looking to find a competitive advantage would be wise to take a look into this tool. To find it, simply go to https://en.mention.com/.