Mint: Intuit Inc.

What is mint?

Mint is an app that allows you to “effortlessly manage your cash flow, budgets, and bills from one place.”

Mint offers many services all in one app including:

  • money and budgeting tips
  • viewing and paying bills
  • checking credit
  • alerting unusual account activity


Four major great things about Mint are:

  1. It’s FREE, easily set up, and help is offered whenever you need it.
  2. You can manage money, bills, budgets, and more all in ONE place!
  3. They claim to be obsessive about security and protect your data with the same encryption and physical security that banks use! This is so reassuring, especially with all the risks you take putting personal information online!
  4. Mint came from the makers of TurboTax and Quicken, which are two services trusted by MILLIONS every year with sensitive data.

What do other people think about Mint?

One review on tells us just how great these services are in comparison to all other financial-help apps!

“ is hands-down the best personal finance service. Fresh in my mind are the experiences I’ve had with several other online services and local software products, some of which focus on helping individuals get out of debt and others which closely replicate Mint. All pale in comparison in at least one area, and often in more than one. Mint has the most efficient setup, excellent usability, and well-honed controls for customizing Mint’s automation. Mint gives you the best control over your finances, even though it does most of the work for you.”