Mint is a website and mobile app which allows you to put all of your financial accounts into one place. You can view your bank account info, credit card info, PayPal, and many more on just the mint app or website. When you make a transaction whether online like Amazon or in an actual store like Walmart, Mint automatically categorizes the transaction and dollar amount into many different categories, like Shopping, Auto & Transport, Food & Dining, Personal, etc. Mint allows you to set a budget for certain categories and warns you when you are getting close to going over budget. You can even set up financial goals and Mint will help you in budgeting to reach those goals.

Mint just started a new program where you can see your credit score completely free of charge, no strings attached. On my Mint account I have my debit card, credit card, and PayPal linked to it, on the homepage of the app it shows me graphs on how much I spent each month for the past 6 months; my net income each month, my budget, and how much money I spent in all of the different categories. The mobile app is very simplistic and easy to use, it only takes a few minutes to make an account and link your financial accounts to it.

Mint is useful for entrepreneurs because it shows them how much and where their money is going. Mint makes it extremely clear that you spent $100 on gas and $30 on fast food. Entrepreneurs would find this useful for a business they run, where they can see where all of the businesses money is going and how to budget it properly. If an entrepreneur wants to know where they can save money they can look at the app and see that they spent too much money on transportation that month and should look for cheaper alternatives in the future, or that they spent too much money on dining out with clients when they could have gone to equal quality of restaurants but cheaper. The Mint app also gives you advice, like setting up an emergency fund or an IRA. Mint uses the same encryption that all major banks use, 128-bit SSL, so your information is always secure. Mint is a beautifully made and extremely functional app that is 100% free and has over 10 million users.

You can access the website at and the accompanying apps on both the Apple appstore and Google playstore.