As an individual who has lived most his life in a world where the Internet is in existence, it is easy to forget the incredible opportunity it has created, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. The ability to create a company – whether that begins with a simple website or an app – is incredibly cheap and can be done with access to a computer.

With some quick searches on Google, one can find several articles speaking about people who have built startups cheaply and while traveling around the world. As the Internet cuts physical costs, income can be devoted to travel, allowing you to reach more people and update your customers on the status of the company. Additionally, the use of the Internet for remote-productivity has become a common method of communication. For example, a digital growth agency in Washington D.C. named TreDigital allows their employees to work remotely by using many Google Docs, file sharing, video sharing, conferencing, emailing, etc. This breaks down intercommunicatory boundaries and creates cultural/perspectual diversity.

The other huge advantage that we have today is the familiarity with the Internet and its services. Although some older, well-established companies may have trouble navigating web apps and hi-tech tools, the younger generations are using their savvy abilities to become competition to these companies. As many people already have the technological knowledge and skills, the missing piece to the puzzle is to simply use it in a professional setting – for example:

As a website designer – coding is now a skill that can easily be learned through the Internet and entrepreneurs can become comfortable in creating websites for themselves and others.

As a digital marketer and PR – maintaining strong relationships with clients has become significantly easier due to the internet. DialedPR,for example, a PR consultancy focused on B2C startups, encourages this notion and prioritizes communication whilst traveling.

As a content curator – from podcasts to blog-writing to video curating, there is content that can be published from anywhere and available from everywhere.

In conclusion, the Internet gives us opportunities that sometimes pass us by. It takes a simple evaluation of the services available at your fingertips to realize the potential you have to begin a company or contribute to an already-existing company in a way that is unique and innovative.