Millions of Americans enjoy the feeling of riding a motorcycle, but very few enjoy the feeling of doing maintenance to take care of their precious two-wheeled machine. When it comes to maintenance there are two choices: 1.) Pay a boat load of money to take it to “the shop,” or 2.) Search through forum after forum, video after video, in order to save money and do it yourself. The former is good for anyone with a large disposable income, but for the rest of us, we are stuck with option 2. What if there was an app that condensed all of that information into one spot, and only showed you it when you needed it? That’s where MotoLog comes in. MotoLog keeps you out of the shop and on your motorcycle by doing 3 specific things:

  1. MotoLog tracks your riding in real time
    • By just enabling location settings on your phone, and clicking “Let’s ride,” MotoLog will track your mileage, lean angle, tire wear, and much more! MotoLog offers a new experience every time, by tailoring itself to how you ride.

  2. MotoLog stores ride information
    • MotoLog is the only app that stores riding information and sends you notifications when you should conduct maintenance on your motorcycle. Not only does it tell you what to work on/when to work on it, it also shows you how to conduct the maintenance by displaying helpful articles and videos.

  3. MotoLog has a social side
    • If you’re looking to go beyond maintenance, and are looking for tips on riding, or bike customization, MotoLog has you covered. Take a peek into the social side where you can connect with other riders who have the same or similar motorcycle as you. The social side of MotoLog enhances the riding experience by growing the biker community.

Through these 3 features, MotoLog offers a unique experience that keeps riders on the road and out of the shop.