Since the very young age of 6, I have always loved invention.  Combined with my hyperactivity and my overthinking, innovation became a natural interest of mine.  My dream has always been precisely to be an entrepreneur.

I had a “plan” on my life steps towards this end goal.  This included going to college, starting a business in college and continuing that until I could sell the business and retire.  Of course, that life would be ideal for nearly every aspiring entrepreneur.  It is much more complex than that.

Although my dream still remains the same, I can now acknowledge the smaller more important stepping stones to get to the long term goal of entrepreneurial success.  Not everyone can be an Elon Musk and have several successes in different industries.

Thus, in order to pursue my dream, I have to set small achievable goals and take action.  This is something that I have been doing through my Dominican Republic bracelet business I have been running for the past month the generate money for the underprivileged in the D.R.

Relationships are also very important in my plan to success, where in the field of business, relationships mean opportunity.  It is said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  That in fact is how many people profess to have become successful and is one of the steps I will take towards my dream of success.  I am starting these great relationships in college by befriending amazing professors, such as Professor Sweet and the lovely Professor English.

Life throws crazy curve balls towards anyone, but by sticking to fundamental concepts such as setting small achievable goals, and managing my relationships with helpful people well, I believe I can achieve my goal of creating a successful business worthy of acquisition.